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x86 vs non x86 server revenue

x86 vs non-x86 server revenue 2020

This article discusses x86 vs Non x86 server revenue 2020.  x86 is used to denote the family of instruction set architecture (ISA), developed by Intel for its series of computer processors. ISA provides commands to the processor regarding what functions to perform. X86 is a generic term for Intel’s Pentium processor series. The ‘x’ here represents the number of the processor within the series. These include the 80286, 80386, 80486 and 80586. Non x86 servers refer to non- Intel processors used in servers.

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Intel and AMD's Market Share

Intel and AMD Market Share (x86 Desktop) 2020

This interactive statistic highlights Intel and AMD’s market share in the x86 desktop space. AMD market share has risen from 10.9% in Q3 FY17 to over 18% in Q3 FY19. Intel’s share, on the other hand, stood at around 82% during Q3 FY19.

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