Our Advantage

Business Quant provides company disclosure data and analytics. Our platform helps investors, researchers and investment professionals in saving countless hours that can otherwise go into extracting data from SEC filings, company reports and investor decks.

Our team of analysts (CFAs and MBAs) curates these datasets and benchmarks companies based on industry-specific key performance indicators — eg. smartphone shipments by vendor or ARPU by broadband provider. This means we’ll have datasets and analytics that you may not find anywhere else.

Drop us an email if you want us to cover a specific sector. Our entire team of analysts is at your disposal.

Who we are

Our core and extended teams comprise of equity research analysts (CFAs and MBAs), data scientists, investment bankers, python experts and web developers with multiple accolades and years of experience in their respective area of expertise.

Business Quant took shape after countless iterations, combining years of expertise in financial analysis and cutting edge business intelligence tools. 

The platform has been adopted by over 400 investors, researchers and investment professionals, and it’s delivering outstanding value to our clients. We continue to update Business Quant with newer datasets, skills and business intelligence tools.

Our vision

We are striving to become a vital part of the investment research workflow for investors, investment professionals, researchers and journalists.

Our goal is to:

  • Expand coverage based on client demand;
  • Ensure the data is reliable and free of errors;
  • Update datasets in a timely manner;


About 70% of our man hours are dedicated towards ensuring the accuracy and timeliness of the data. We understand that sanctity of the data is of utmost importance in the investing word so we intend to keep focussing on keeping the data reliable.

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