What is Business Quant?

Business Quant was founded in 2014. It’s an extensive investment research platform focusing on US stocks, rich with data, analytics and tools to help you make the absolute best investment decisions.

Business Quant levels the playing field by putting exclusive tools, until now available to only institutional investors, at the hands of individual investors, at affordable prices.

Business Quant provides:

  1. Company-specific key performance indicator data (ex: Tesla’s production and deliveries per quarter or AT&T’s subscriber count etc.). This helps in analyzing a company’s operational performance and identify signs of outperformance or red flags, beforehand.

  2. Industry data based on key performance indicators (ex: market share, industry shipments, subscribers per wireless carrier etc.). This helps in identifying booming industries and spotting leaders and laggards within that market.

  3. Financial data with 200+ metrics on 8000+ US stocks. You also get various tools to generate actionable investment ideas (ex: stock screener, advanced charting, fundamental and technical analysis, peer and industry comparison, sector financials, stock report etc.).
Business Quant’s wide breadth of operational and financial data, tools and analytics adds clarity and enables informed, data driven investment decision-making.

Our advantage

Business Quant has an unparalleled data coverage. The platform hosts key performance indicator data (or KPI data) which saves countless hours for investors, researchers and investment professionals that can otherwise go into extracting data from SEC filings, company reports and investor presentations.

Most of our data is prepared, curated and analyzed by our team of analysts (CFAs and MBAs). Our team then benchmarks companies based on industry-specific key performance indicators — eg. smartphone shipments by vendor, or subscribers by broadband provider. This means we’ll have datasets and analytics, that you may not find anywhere else.

Here's how Business Quant is useful.

Who we are

Business Quant’s core and extended teams comprise of equity research analysts (CFAs and MBAs), data scientists, investment bankers, python experts and web developers with multiple accolades and years of experience in their respective area of expertise.

Business Quant took shape after countless iterations, combining years of expertise in financial analysis and cutting edge business intelligence tools. 

The platform has been adopted by over 1000 investors, researchers and investment professionals, and it’s delivering outstanding value to our subscribers. We continue to update Business Quant with newer tools, datasets, skills and analytics. 

Our vision

We are striving to become a vital part of the investment research workflow for investors, investment professionals, researchers and journalists.

Our goal is to:

  • Provide investors with powerful tools that have, until now only been available to Wall Street professionals;
  • Continue building game-changing  tools and make them accessible at affordable prices;
  • Ensure the data is high quality and free of errors;
  • Update data in a timely manner, multiple times a day;


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