Industry Data

Company benchmarking across sectors.

Comprehensive coverage on over 40 sectors to help you refine your investment ideas. Spot industry trends, separate leaders from laggards, track relative performance of industry peers, and rank companies based on key performance indicators.

Industries Covered

Listing only 7 out of the 40+ industries covered.


Metrics such as ASM, load factor, passenger count, aircrafts in fleet, fuel cost & more, for all airline companies in our study.


Metrics such as NIM, adequacy ratio, efficiency ratio, average deposits, interest revenue & more, for all banks in our study.


Metrics such as grams produced, medical revenue, ASP, cost/gram, patient count & more, for all firms in our study.

Precious Metals

Metrics such as reserves, volume & revenue from Gold, Silver, Zinc & Aluminum & more, for all firms in our study.


Metrics such as comparable sales growth, store count, system sales, franchised percentage & more, for all restaurants in our study.


Metrics such as PV panels manufactured, energy production, leased capacity & more for all solar firms in our study.

Oil & Gas

Metrics such as average daily production volume, revenue from oil and natural gas & more for all oil & gas firms in our study.

And 35 more...

We cover 40+ industries, some of which are DRAM, PCs/Notebooks, Consoles, Construction, Foundry,  Sports, Telecom etc.

Data Sources

This is what sets us apart.

Our team of analysts (CFAs and MBAs) extract, curate, analyze and normalize data from official company documents — SEC filings, investor decks, supplementary materials, press releases etc. — as well as from renowned industry publications. 

This makes our datasets original and unique, that other investment research platforms may not be able to match. Our datasets are updated every quarter and we expand our coverage based on client demand. Our team of analysts is at your disposal.

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