Granular Financial Intelligence

In-depth analytics on US listed companies for smarter investing.


Get operational and financial data points that are curated by our experienced analysts to gain an edge in investing. Our extensive granular coverage spans over 300 companies and our data points include:

  • Revenue by Segment
  • Revenue by Geography
  • Sales to Major Customers
  • Profitability By Segment
  • GAAP & Non-GAAP Metrics
  • Sales By Product or Service
  • Profitability By Segment
  • GAAP & Non-GAAP Metrics
  • Sales By Product or Service
  • Assets By Type, Region or Segment
  • Operating Expenses Breakdown
  • Key Performance Indicators
  • Revenue by Segment
  • Revenue by Geography
  • Sales to Major Customers
  • Profitability By Segment
  • GAAP & Non-GAAP Metrics
  • Sales By Product or Service
  • Profitability By Segment​
  • GAAP & Non-GAAP Metrics
  • Sales By Product or Service
  • Breakdown Of Assets
  • Assets By Region, Segment
  • OPEX Segregation

…amongst a wide range of other data points and analytics.

Note: Datasets vary from company to company, and are limited to every company’s information disclosures.


Evaluate how companies are performing in their respective industries on a myriad range of parameters and benchmarks. Gain insights about how the industries are evolving, how the constituting companies are performing compared to their peers and differentiate between leaders and laggards. Our coverage on 15 different industries includes datasets such as:

  • Shipments By Company
  • Classification based on KPIs
  • Classification based on Financials
  • Growth/Decline of Industry Players
  • Market Share Information
  • Industry Sales Trends
  • Revenue/Sales By Company
  • Shipments By Company

…amongst a range of other datasets and analytics.

Geographic Risk 

Get ahead of the market with this geography screener. Select a country or a region and it’ll churn out a list of companies that have an exposure to that particular geography. This tracker helps in tracking which companies stand to benefit or suffer based on geopolitical developments. Screen companies based on Asset or Revenue exposure to over 30 different countries/regions. Dataset includes 500+ companies, updated annually.

The company snapshot tracker has predefined charts which help in quickly determining how a company has been performing over the recent past. The tracker contains quarterly financial data for over 5,000 companies. It comes handy when we’re starting to research a new company, and we need to get a quick overview about how the concerned company has performed of late. Data updated bi-weekly.
BQ's Industry Insights
Financial   Data

This tracker has quarterly financial data for 5,000+ companies, with 110 different items —  income statement and balance sheet items along with efficiency and valuation ratios — making investment research a breeze.

  • Simultaneous Plotting
  • 55+ metrics for 5,000+ stocks
  • Export Underlying Data
  • Export Dashboard as Image
  • Embed on your blog/site
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I used to spend hours extracting financial data from SEC filings and then trying to make sense of it all, but I don't have to do that anymore thanks to BQ.

Timothy Collins
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I wanted urgent custom coverage on a particular stock for an open position and the folks over at BQ did that within a couple of hours. Hats off!

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I haven't seen this kind of exhaustive research in any B2C research platform before. Great job!

Terry Lewis
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Business Quant has made it very easy for us to ramp our investment research service. It's a bloomberg alternative, on a budget. Loving it!

David (Undisclosed)
Investment Advisor

BQ's data helped me exit a few semiconductor stocks before the trade war drama unfolded. Huge loss avoided. Thank you!

Matthew (Undisclosed)
Portfolio Manager
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