Our Datasets

Access hundreds of financial items and ratios across thousands of US stocks.

Stock screener

Includes statements:

  • Income statement
  • Balance Sheet
  • Cash Flow Statement
…with historical access.

Efficiency Ratios

Includes items such as:

  • ROCE
  • ROIC
  • ROS


…amongst others.

Valuation Ratios

Includes ratios such as:

  • Price/FCF

…amongst other ratios.

US & Canadian Firms

Our GAAP financial data and intelligence features currently cover thousands of active and delisted stocks to make investment research a breeze.

Stock Screener

Generate ideas, quickly

A comprehensive and intuitive stock screener spanning a host of valuation and business ratios to help you generate ideas, quickly. Data updated every day.

Compare Stocks

Drawing comparisons made easier.

Compare and benchmark companies across a range of valuation, profitability, dividend, business ratios or other financial metrics.

Sector Intelligence

Benchmarking entire sectors

Select a sector and its constituting companies show up. You can then benchmark and sort constituting companies based on user-selectable criteria.

Company Overview

Overview screen with sector rankings.

A quick overview about the company, rich with sector rankings on a range of valuation metrics and business ratios.

Chart Data

Visualize all the financial data

Plot and visualize datasets across companies to get a different perspective of the data. 

Financial Statements

GAAP financial data for full picture.

Access financial statements, valuation ratios and efficiency metrics for thousands of companies to get a fuller picture about any company’s financial health.

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