Granular Data

Micro-level company disclosure data.

The granular data tool helps you in analyzing operational performance of public companies, in a breeze. You don’t have to extract data from annual and quarterly reports, ever again.

Our Datasets

Some of our granular datasets.

KPI data

Key performance data such as shipments, ARPU, churn, gold reserves, restaurant adds etc.

Revenue breakup

Revenues segregated by segment, product category, business vertical, region and end-markets.

Assets segregation

Total and long-lived assets segregated by type and by geographic location to assess concentration risk.


GAAP and non-GAAP datasets. The latter’s examples include adjusted EBITDA and margins.

OPEX breakdown

Historical operating expenses segregated by type. Also, OPEX items as a percentage of revenue.


Calculations such as ratio analysis, margins & growth rates. We also plug missing data with our estimates.

Concentration Risk

Get an early heads up. We provide revenue exposure to major geographies and across major customers. 

And more...

We also host a bunch of other datasets and analytics such as employee count or revenue per employee.

Data Sources

This is what sets us apart.

Our team of analysts (CFAs and MBAs) extract, curate, analyze and normalize data from official company documents — SEC filings, investor decks, supplementary materials, press releases etc. — as well as from renowned industry publications. 

This makes our datasets original and unique, that other investment research platforms may not be able to match. Our datasets are updated every quarter and we expand our coverage based on client demand. Our team of analysts is at your disposal.

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