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May 17, 2020
April Data
The recent sales surge experienced by Taiwan-based Package and Testing companies tempered down to 23% during April. On the other hand Taiwan-based firms, continued to see their revenues grow by an impressive 25% during April. It's almost as if the coronavirus outbreak has had no negative impact for these firms. Taiwan Semiconductors and WIN Semiconductor saw the highest sales growth of 28.5% and 57% respectively, within the Foundry space during April.

Next, the semiconductor memory sector in Taiwan also registered a healthy sales growth during April, with their collective revenues growing by over 24% during the month on a year on year basis. While Transcend saw a sales decline, other Taiwanese memory firms such as ADATA, Nanya, Winbond and Macronix, all posted 10%-plus sales growth during April. This may suggest that smartphone and PC/Server channel sales are rebounding.

Sales numbers from PC and Tablet manufacturers in Taiwan reveal a similar trend. Acer, ASUSTek, Gigabyte and Micro-Star International (MSI) saw their sales grow by 41%, 13%, 40% and 24% during April. This strong channel sales data bodes well for semiconductor firms such as Nvidia and AMD that have a heavy revenue exposure to the PC end-market.
May 17, 2020
April 16, 2020
March Data
As far as numbers go, Taiwan-based Packaging and Testing firms -- such as King Yuan Electric and Powertech Technology -- saw an impress 135%-plus year over year sales growth during March. Foundry firms registered robust sales growth of 42% as well during the month. All four foundry companies under our coverage -- namingly, Taiwan Semiconductor, United Microelectronics, Vanguard International and WIN semiconductors -- all posted over 25% revenue growth in March.

This is an impressive feat considering that global supply chains have come to a standstill given the COVID-19 outbreak and the logistics-related restrictions that it has brought along. For instance, AMD's AIB partners such as Gigabyte, TUL Corp. and Micro-Star International (MSI) saw their sales shrink during March whereas its other partners -- ADATA Technology and ASROCK -- saw a massive sales growth during the period.

It's evident that companies have been variably impacted and Foundry firms have benefited the most.
April 16, 2020
March 18, 2020
February Data
A vast majority of Taiwanese firms posted over 15% sales growth during. It's a considerable feat considering the fact that coronavirus outbreak in China have brought manufacturing facilities, brick-and-mortar stores and logistics across China virtually to a standstill.

But more interestingly, analysts covering Semiconductor firms have been warning investors about an impending slowdown during Q1 due to the restrictions brought along by the COVID-19 outbreak. But the robust Taiwan sales growth numbers suggest that some companies are thriving even during these challenging times.

Most of AMD and NVidia's Add In Board partners in Taiwan, such as TUL Corp, Gigabyte, MSI, ADATA and ASRock, registered monthly revenue growth of over 20% during February. These AIB partners wouldn't have seen their sales grow at such high rates if there really was a major sales slow down in the works. We, at Business Quant, estimate that analysts are going to recognize this disparity between expectation and reality, and gradually raise their targets in the coming few weeks.
March 18, 2020
February 16, 2020
January Data
January was a terrible month for most sectors, as almost every one of them under our coverage saw a prominent decline in their sales during the month. In fact, even the sectors that showed consistent growth momentum in the past suffered.

Notebook ODMs saw their sales severely impacted, with the sector-wide sales figure dropping by over 22% year over year. Wistron, which is a prominent notebook ODM with a global presence, actually posted a sales decline over 20% in the month. Its peer, Inventec, posted a massive 35% sales decline during the period. It's clear that notebook ODM firms suffered during January.

However, Foundry firms thrived during January with an overall sales growth of 30.7%. Taiwan Semiconductors, which is by far the largest of the group in our coverage, saw its sales grow by a significant 32.8%. Its smaller peer, WIN Semicondcutors, posted a sales growth of over 60%. This bucks the general softness in sales across different sectors.
February 16, 2020
January 20 2020
December Data
13 of the 22 sectors in our coverage posted a sales growth during the month of December. With almost 40% of the sectors reporting a revenue drop, things aren't looking too bright for the coming month. It seems like January may be a slow month for these firms.

PCB and Substrate manufacturers saw their sales grow by as much as 19% during December. Amongst the lot, Unimicron, Nanya, Compeq and Tripod Technology saw their sales grow by 24.1%, 27.1%, 25% and 17.3% respectively.

Cloud was the second fastest growing sector in terms of monthly sales growth. Companies such as Asia Vital, King Slide and AIC Inc. reported the highest sales growth of 34.7%, 35.4% and 33.9% during December. It's clear that Cloud revenues for these Taiwanese firms surged during the month.
January 20 2020
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