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How Did Facebook Reach All-time Highs Amid COVID Crisis?

On Wednesday, May 21, 2020, Facebook stock rose by 6% which hit new records because of its latest e-commerce move. The powerhouse of social media announced its new mobile-first shopping experience also known as Facebook shops which will enable Facebook to stand against Amazon.

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Facebook: mobile vs. laptop revenue mix %

Facebook: Revenue Mix by Device 2020

This article discusses the stats on Facebook Revenue Mix Percentage by Device in 2020. Digital advertising refers to the use of the internet to deliver promotional advertisements to potential customers. This is commonly done through emails, search engines and banner ads which are readily accessible through mobiles and laptops.

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Facebook Monthly and Daily Active Users

Facebook: Monthly and Daily Active Users

This article discusses the stats on Facebook Monthly and Daily Active Users. Active users is a performance metric that refers to the total number of unique and identifiable (using email, username, ID) users that interact with the product or service of a company over a given interval.

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