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Business Quant is a comprehensive stock research platform.

You get access to company disclosure data such as shipments, ARPU, revenue by region, profitability by product etc. These items are critically important for evaluating companies at a deep level. 

You also get a stock screener, financial statements dating back more than a decade, analytics, sector comparison, stock comparison and the option to download financial data. 

Business Quant ensures that investors get all the data and analytics under one roof.

Here's how Business Quant is useful.


Unlimited commissions

Earn a flat 20% commission on both Monthly and Annual sales. You’ll get the same 20% commission on renewals. There aren’t any limitations to the total amount of commissions that you can earn meaning your payout is virtually unlimited.

Our annual plan is priced at $348 at the time of this writing, meaning you get $69.6 on every sale that you make. Our monthly plan is priced at $59 which, upon billing throughout the year, amounts $141.6 in annualized commissions for you.


ConversionsMonthly IncomeAnnualized Income

Transparent Analytics

Access the affiliate area to keep a track of your visitors, conversions and earnings in real-time.

Resources for you

Our team is there for you, to ensure your sales success, at every step of the way.

To increase your sales conversion rate, and to facilitate transparent tracking, affiliate partners receive:

  1. Cookie tracking links
  2. Dedicated landing pages
  3. Priority support – 24×7

Affiliate partners get a landing page on the Business Quant website, containing their own:

  1. Branding (logo and brand name)
  2. URL (ex:
  3. Text (customized on your request)
  4. Custom Discount Coupon (ex: use code ABC10 for 10% off)

A live affiliate landing page looks like this.

Any sale made from this landing page, will automatically be attributed to you and you’ll receive your due 20% commission.

Affiliate partners also receive custom cookie tracking links.


Upon clicking such links, our system automatically places a cookie in the visitor’s browser history for a period of 365 days. During that time span, if the user subscribes to Business Quant from any page on the website, the system automatically attributes the sale to the concerned affiliate.

Satisfied customers

Our customers love us.

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Following the approval of your application, you'll get:


We track traffic using browser cookies for 365 days, or one full year. This means you get a commission on all sales and renewals during the period.

As an affiliate partner, you’ll get access to a dedicated dashboard. You’d be able to view your traffic statistics, earned referrals and payout history in real-time.

The entire system is automated and you’ll also receive system generated emails for every sale/renewal that you make.

Payouts for referrals earned in a particular month, are issued at the end of the following month. We’ve kept the delay to account for any cancellations. Ex: Commissions for sales made during July, would be issued at the end of August.

The most common way of promoting our platform is to use charts from Business Quant in your work — financial articles, Youtube videos, social media mentions etc.

You could also approach investors and finance professionals directly via LinkedIn or email, and pitch Business Quant to them.

Contact us to discuss your requirements and we’ll be happy to get you going with whatever you need.

Absolutely! You’ll receive a dedicated referral link as well as your own landing page, where you can drive traffic and convert users.

We strive on growing the business organically, and forming deep relationships with customers, partners and affiliates is our top priority.

If you have any feedback, feature requests or suggestions, get in touch with us right away.

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