Cannabis Retail Sales Data in Canada

May 22, 2020
April Sales Data
Retail sales of regulated cannabis in Canada soared in March, growing 19 percent on a monthly basis to record $181 million ($129 million) in Canadian dollars. March retail sales figures from Canada's national data office confirmed that consumers flocked to cannabis stores to store as lockdowns across the country.

The spike in cannabis sales came even as total monthly retail sales in Canada cratered by an unprecedented 10 percent in March during the COVID-19 pandemic. Retail cannabis sales grew month-over-month in every province except Prince Edward Island, where cannabis stores closed on March 19.
May 22, 2020
April 17, 2020
March Sales Data
Canada's adult-used cannabis sales dropped to just under CA$150 million ($105.7 million) in February, the last full month of purchases before the COVID-19 crisis slammed the global economy. Eight of the 13 provinces and territories experienced lower sales in the month, according to Statistics Canada's latest data, but most of the declines were marginally error.

Sales across Canada fell 2.7 percent in February, driven by an 8.8 percent drop in Quebec. The only explanation for a decline in Quebec 's sales of CA$2.4 million was the shortened month and winter weather. People aren't as enthusiastic when it's snowing hard to go shopping in bricks and mortar. Quebec's recreational cannabis sales for the month dropped to CA$29.2 million – the only decline among the four largest provinces. Statistics Canada's January sales data starts capturing the impact of so-called "cannabis 2.0" products such as vape pens and edibles.

However, it is not expected that the full impact of these products will be noticeable in monthly sales until spring
April 17, 2020
January 29, 2020
November Sales Data
Cannabis retail sales in Canada created a yet another record. Total revenues recognized by Cannabis stores in Canada reached a new high, coming in at $135.7 million.

The revenue figure was higher on a sequential and on a year on year basis. To put things in perspective, Canadian Cannabis retail sales came in at $53.7 million during November 2018. This indicates that there's a substantial year over year growth.

However, concerns around the Canadian Cannabis Retail growth story remain . Sequential revenue growth stood at about 5.5% for November. This indicates that Canadian Cannabis producers are facing bottlenecks in their domestic market.
January 29, 2020
December 26, 2019
October Sales Data
Cannabis retail sales in Canada climbed to record levels in October coming in at $128.97 million. The revenue figure rose sequentially and on a year on year basis during October.

While that's a positive, there's also a catch here. Cannabis retail sales growth in Canada has slowed down considerably after growing at a rapid rate in the past several months. From growing at 20%-plus rates, Cannabis retail sales in Canada grew by only about 5% in the month of October 2019.

This may indicate that either the retail supply channel (stores or the delivery network) is bottlenecked or maybe the demand isn't growing as fast as Cannabis producers previously anticipated.
December 26, 2019
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