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Data Analytics Internship

Thank you for showing interest in Business Quant’s data analytics internship program. If you’re reading this, then you’ve been shortlisted to work with us.

Please complete and submit the assignment shared below by Friday

Submission Deadline: 4pm on 11 June, 2021.

Assignment:  You may download this source file.  It’s a csv file (.csv format).

Use Python (Pandas) to:

  • Identify last year’s sales for each item and store the values within the file, in a separate column, titled “Sales Last Year”, and;
  • calculate sales growth for all the items and store the values within the file, under a column, titled Sales Growth.

Formula for Sales Growth = (Sales in current year/Sales in Last year)-1

Here’s the desired output.


  1. Use python for the calculation. Don’t calculate the figures manually.
  2. Don’t mix sales growth figures across categories and/or items. That is, in your calculation, don’t mix sales figures for Apple with Blueberries, and so on.



Sorry, this is a time-sensitive opening. We’ll be hiring on a first-come, first-serve basis (FIFO).

No, this assignment is to assess your python skills.

2.1 GBs (bytes, not bits) and over 200 million rows of raw data. But that’s for later, when you begin your internship with us.

Some highlights of the internship program:

  • Work on ETL using Python data frames, on over 20 million rows of data
  • Coordinate with the product team to understand requirements
  • Build and maintain scrapers to build alternative datasets
  • Parse XML RSS feeds and builds a database

2,000/- per month
Time commitment: 5 to 8 hours/day
Working days: Monday to Friday
Tenure: 3 months
Perks: Flexible work hours, letter of recommendation and experience letter.

How to Submit:

You may submit your solution at, containing:

  1. Full name
  2. The degree you’re currently pursuing
  3. Your college/university name
  4. Your phone number
  5. The code itself
  6. A  screenshot of the output
  7. The output csv file
  8. Mention your system specs. Specifically:
    • RAM in your notebook/PC (ex: 8GB, 4GB, 16GB)
    • Processor (i3, i5, Ryzen with generation number ex: 10th gen i5)

If we like your submission, and its timeliness, we’ll schedule a phone interview with you to take your application forward.

I wish you all the best!

Data QA Analyst
Business Quant

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