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Business Quant provides non-standardized data points and analytics such as shipments, ARPU, revenue by region, profitability by product etc. These items are critically important for evaluating companies on a granular level. We also have features hosting GAAP financial so that financial professionals get everything under one roof.

Business Quant is run by a team of experienced analysts — CFAs and MBAs — who curate relevant data points so that investors don’t have to sift through the clutter. Our engineering team coordinates with customers and our analysts, to come up with features that can simplify research workflows.

We spend most of our time in improving our granular coverage on US and Canadian stocks, and upgrading features existing on the platform. This means that Business Quant has grown quickly by word of mouth alone. It’s being used by over 500 finance professionals within a year of its formal launch. Rather than spending time on marketing activities, we outsource our marketing to partners and affiliates to spread the word in their respective circles.

We have two flagship products to promote, offering commissions between $150 and $300 per sale. We don’t impose any limitations to the total amount of commissions that you can earn. Affiliates and partners also earn commissions on renewals.

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How Do We Track Traffic?

We track traffic using cookies. They’re set to expire in 2 years, i.e 730 days, meaning you get a commission on all sales or renewals during that period.

How Do I Verify Tracking?

We have a dashboard where partners and affiliates can login and see their sales statistics. The process is automated. You’ll also get an email for every sale you make.

When Are The Partners Paid?

Payouts are issued at the end of every month with a delay to account for refunds. Ex: Commissions for sales made during July, would be issued at the end of August.

How Can I Promote?

The most common way of promoting our platform is to use our charts in articles across prominent financial sites, LinkedIn or social media. Alternatively, you could also approach finance professionals directly via LinkedIn or email, and pitch to them. Contact us to discuss your requirements and we’ll be happy to get you going with whatever you need.

Is There Any Support For Partners?

Absolutely! We strive on growing the business organically, and forming deep relationships with customers, partners and affiliates is our top priority. If you have any feedback, feature requests or suggestions, get in touch with us right away.

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