Accenture Acquires Callisto Integration In a Strategic Buyout

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Accenture Acquires Callisto Integration In a Strategic Buyout

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Leading IT Company, Accenture (NYSE: ACN) acquired Callisto Integration two days ago on May 5. Callisto helps clients in edging a progressive technologies in the domain of  IoT, data analytics and AI — to  modify its product & services from engineering to manufacturing and support, to pace operational efficiency and overall development. This strategic acquisition plugs Accenture’s weaknesses and allows it to expand its footprint even further.


Industry X.0 is a new digital paradigm for businesses to embrace constant technological change—and profit from it.To meet the unique needs of your digital transformation,  the accenture undertakes the following capablities:

  • digital service factory – to bring latest digital services to market faster and  accelerate the digitization of production and operations
  • Applied intelligence for industrial – unique approach of combining AI with data, analytics and automation under a strategic vision to scale AI and transform business—across every function and process to boost uptime and product performance and more.
  • Cyber security of  industrial – Leveraging our global resources and advanced technologies and creating integrated, turnkey solutions tailored to your needs across your entire value chain.
  • Industry X.0 Innovation Network – Helping companies harness, rapidly implement and scale the latest digital technologies and services.
  • Customer Engagement Platform for Manufacturers –

Industrial consumerism , demands for individualized products, complicated  end-to-end services and an immersive, customized customer experience are putting recent marketing, sales and service models under pressure.

Contribution of Callisto Integration in Industry X.O

Callisto is Accenture’s third recent digital manufacturing advisory, collectively better serve customers by consolidating Callisto’s deep expertise in IIoT, MES, SCADA and controls with Accenture’s worldwide presence and thought leadership in Digital Manufacturing.

Callisto’s Dominant services are the designing and application of manufacturing execution systems, industrial internet of things (IoT) systems and shop-floor control systems. These systems ensure the materials, workers and equipment for each production order are oganised when required and provision of real-time information on the production process.

AVEVA’s SCADA listed on the London Stock Exchange ; MES, the oldest and largest government defense infrastructure development agency in India, Workflow, CMMS, software package that maintains a computer database of information about an organization’s maintenance operations; and enterprise integration products are a key part of our solution set. We are one of the originators of the model-driven approach to MES, whereby we embed our extensive knowledge of manufacturing operations into a configurable, ready-to-deploy application, thereby significantly reducing the effort and time required to deploy an MES platform.


Other Acquisitions by Accenture

Other recent acquisitions Accenture has made to strengthen its Industry X.0 business include has acquired Kates Kesler, an organization design consultancy headquartered in New York City that helps many of the world’s largest companies execute their growth strategiesGerman embedded software company ESR Labs, Dutch product design and innovation agency VanBerlo, U.S. product innovation and engineering company Nytec, U.K. innovation firm Happen, and German technology consultancy Zielpuls. services acquisition, following Silveo in France and Enterprise System Partners in Ireland.


The below mentioned table are analysis of the key statistics of Accenture plc and its competitiors in terms of market capitalization, Enterprise value and no. of employees employed on annual basis as per 10-K:










Company Name Accenture plc Cognizant Technology Solutions Corporation Adobe Inc. Automatic Data Processing, Inc.
Sector Information Technology Information Technology Information Technology Information Technology
Industry IT Consulting and Other Services IT Consulting and Other Services Application Software Data Processing and Outsourced Services
Market Cap 115.70B 30.92B 171.58B 62.67B
Enterprise Value 114.11B 29.20B 172.12B 63.43B
Employees 492,000 292,500 22,634 58,000
Total Cash 5.44B 3.42B 4.17B 1.71B


The company appear to be in a better postion in terms investors interest:

Relative Yield: The attractiveness of the dividend yield compared to peers

Dividend Consistency: The company’s track record for paying consistent dividends, the latest dividend paid was-

$0.80 03/18/2020 04/15/2020 04/16/2020 05/15/2020 Quarterly

Dividend Safety: The company’s ability to continue paying current dividend amount.

Dividend Growth: The attractiveness of the dividend growth rate when compared to peers

Risk factor:

Pricing policy and delivery ineffieciencies: Accenture’s profitability may materially deteroitated,  if the company is unable to obtain desirable pricing for its offerings, if the company is not able to retain its competitiveness and also cost-management strategies aren’t successful due to delivery inefficiencies; Accenture’s results of operations could unfavorably affected by fluctuations in foreign currency exchange rates; as a result of Accenture’s multiple operations and its growth strategy to survive and broaden its horizon in its key markets , the company is more susceptible to pricing its offerings.

Legal liability: Accenture’s work with government clients which exposes the company to supplementary risks  in the government contracting environment; the inability to manage the coporate risks associated with its size, the company might be unable to achieve its business goals, also if it doesn’t  manages and develops its relationships with key its own club, the company’s results of operations could be unfavourably affected and might not be successful at acquiring, infusing finance or amalgamating businesses, entering into patnership or dis invest in businesses.

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