Editorial Guidelines

Getting Started

  • Logging in – Once your application for becoming a Business Quant contributor is approved by our team, the first step would be to celebrate, and once you’ve settled in, you might want to log into the back-end of the site. If you haven’t submitted the application already, you can do so by clicking here. You can now log in, by following the URL: http://BusinessQuant.com/wp-admin. Enter your credentials and you should be able to view the dashboard. If, in case, you aren’t able to view the dashboard, please contact us at [email protected]
  • Profile – One of the most effective ways of building an audience is, by telling your readers about yourself and building a personal connect with them. You can achieve this by writing a short bio about yourself. This information is visible on the front-end of the site, below your articles. You add this piece of information by going into the back-end, clicking on Users à There are several forms on this page, feel free to fill in any as many forms as you like, but make sure to fill the bio form right away.
  • Contact Information – You should also add your contact information in the profile area. By doing so, users will be able to reach out to you via E-mail, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Facebook or any other platform meant for online communication. Filling all the forms isn’t mandatory, but its preferred that you enter at least one mode of communication. It significantly helps in building an audience and gaining credibility.
  • Profile Picture – You might have noticed by now that you can’t change your profile picture from the back-end of your site. However, you can change the picture by creating a Gravatar profile, using the same E-mail ID, with which you registered on Business Quant. Please upload a clear photograph of yourself so that users are able to distinctly identify you from other contributors and commenters.
  • Verification – Please send us a scanned copy of your Identity Proof and Address Proof. This is critically important as it would be a safeguard for preventing fraud, spreading of misinformation and posting under fake identities. We will be keeping these records with us, and us only, and won’t be sharing them with anyone else.

Code of Contributors

  • Exclusivity – In order to post with us, you must agree that your submissions to Business Quant are original, that you have the right to submit them for publication, and that they are exclusive to Business Quant – i.e., that no article has been or will be submitted for publication to another site. However, If you want to publish your articles on your personal blog, contact [email protected] and we’ll try our best to make the arrangement happen.
  • Granting copyright – You are not surrendering your copyright in your expression by joining Business Quant, but by submitting content you are granting Business Quant an unlimited, irrevocable, and perpetual license to republish, syndicate, and make derivative works out of anything you publish on our site.
  • Ethics – Your contributions, like all content at Business Quant, are still subject to our rules, so we reserve the right to decline any posts we deem unfit, lacking analysis, offensive, unethical, illegal, or otherwise inappropriate, or for any other reason.
  • Plagiarism free – All the content submitted for publishing should be original and not copied from other sites. We will be running multiple plagiarism checkers and any content flagged would be declined. We reserve the right to blacklist contributors that repeat the cardinal sin of submitting someone else’s content. Exception: If you’re quoting someone or some site, please add quotes and mention the source of your quote with a hyperlink and that should be okay with us. But then again, have to have your original content backing up and building up on the quotes.
  • Engaging with audience – Time and again, there will be visitors dropping comments below your articles. We expect all our contributors to respond to these comments to the best of their abilities, as much as they can. It would make a massive difference in building your audience, so please be proactive about it.


  • Disclosure – You agree to honestly disclose all your financial holdings and financial interests in the companies mentioned in your posts. You can do this by writing a small disclosure below your posts. For instance, it can be in the form of:

“Disclosure: ABC has no positions in the stocks mentioned above”, or
“Disclosure: ABC has a long position in XYZ company”

  • Disclaimer – SEBI requires anyone giving investing or financial advice, to attain an investment advisor registration from the authority. If you aren’t a SEBI registered investment advisor, you can’t be giving explicit buy/sell recommendations or opinions to your readers. Also, you must mention below each and every post, that:

“Disclaimer: I am not a registered investment advisor. All the content posted above is for informational and educational purposes only. Please consult a SEBI registered investment advisor before making any investment or securities-related decision.”  

  • Restrictions – You can’t be posting content on the site which is paid for, by the companies mentioned in your posts. Also, you agree to not make any buy/sell transaction in any of the companies mentioned in your posts, 5 days prior and 5 days after the publishing of your post.

Article Submission Guidelines

  • Exclusive – Whatever content is submitted, must be original, or it won’t be published at all. Any copy pasted article will be declined right away without any second thought. Moreover, any contributor repeatedly posting plagiarized content can be blacklisted and we reserve the right to end our working relationship with them at any point in time, without having to serve them a notice period.
  • Market specific – Content submitted for publishing must be relevant for Indian investors, traders and industry watchers. We won’t be posting content that involves discussing companies that do not have operations in India, or aren’t listed in India.
  • Fundamental Analysis – We look for clear and concise forward-looking fundamental analysis that discusses business operations, finances, market position, corporate strategy, earnings, valuations and projected outlook in detail. But we will not be posting articles that only contain technical analysis to project future trends.
  • Writing Style: You may write articles with a friendly tone to them. Retail investors and traders won’t necessary understand technical jargon and you could hit a sweet spot with your audience if you broke things down and explained to them, the financial stuff, in a simplified manner. You could also have a dialogue with your readers via your article to make it more engaging.
  • Promotional Content – We do not permit the use of promotional content within articles. You are free to provide hyperlinks for sources of information in your posts, but you may not provide unnecessary link-backs to any site. If you’d like to promote your own website or blog, you can add a link-back to it using your profile bio. 
  • Market capitalization – Articles that discuss about companies, having a market capitalization of over Rs. 100 Crores, will be eligible for publishing. But posts that discuss about companies that are smaller than that won’t always be accepted
  • Be Original – We will only be accepting articles that offer a unique point of view. If the same point of view has been reflected in one of the previously published posts on Business Quant, then your submission might be declined. So please be original.
  • No templates – We hate content based on pre-prepared templates. What is a template? It’s having a predefined article, or a paragraph, which requires only changing of numbers. Your articles need to be unique. Please do not change numbers in already existing articles, and submit your post, as they will be declined.
  • Article Length – We are looking for posts that are longer than 600 words. An 800-word article would hit the sweet spot but you can choose to submit posts that are 1000+ word long also. However, we will not be accepting posts that contain less than 600 words as its becomes hard to have a meaningful, educational and friendly conversation with readers, through your posts, in such short pieces. So please post articles that are longer than 600 words.
  • Excerpt and Quoting – Yes, you can have excerpts and quotes from other articles, provided you give credit to the author and give link-back to the source. But then again, you can’t publish a 800-word article with 700 words of excerpts and quotes. You can increase the article length accordingly so that the real content has 600+ words to offer.
  • Hindsight or Foresight? – We expect articles to have forward looking analysis to have a meaningful conversation with readers. After all, its foresight that moves markets, not hindsight. So yes, you can discuss about past events that impacted a company’s prospects, but please also build upon that part of the article with forward-looking analysis. At the end of the day, it should educate readers about how the company’s prospects, finances or stock could evolve from the current point in time.
  • Proof Reading – All submissions should be proof read and free of grammatical errors.
  • Sourcing – Please provide a hyperlink for all the external information, charts and images used in your article.
  • Be ethical – Business Quant (or its editors) does not tell its contributors what to write; this decisive part is solely left to you. Therefore, we expect all of our contributors to be ethical with their posts and not misuse this independence. To put things in perspective, you can write about why you hate a company, but we expect you to back your stand going forward. That is, you can’t write a bullish post on a company and suddenly a fine day, completely reverse your call without an admission of being wrong, and be bearish about it. Doing this will only result in you losing credibility amongst readers and editors of BQ. So please be ethical with your posts.

Anonymous Authors

Nope, we do not allow contributors to post content under pseudonyms.
However, if the entity is registered with SEBI, we may permit such usage.

Growing Your Audience

There are a number of ways using which you can become a celebrity in the financial domain. This not only helps becoming a credible authority in the field, but also goes a long way in getting star contributors, lucrative job offers. You could also drive traffic to your blog or website if you become a star poster on the BQ platform.

So, aspiring contributors can grow their audience on Business Quant, or anywhere else, by doing the following:

Engage with audience – If you engage with your audience, be it to address their queries or to merely thank their compliments on a consistent basis, they would feel a sense of attachment with you. This type of constructive communication has proven to be really effective for building an audience over the longer run.

Being regular helps – You may have written exceptional posts in the past, but readers won’t remember your name or credentials unless you post your analysis, or comment on posts, on a regular basis. In order to be a rockstar in the financial domain, aspiring contributors should strive to be regular and frequent with their content generation.

Activity on social media – How do readers know you published a post? You can post a link of your articles published on Business Quant, on your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn profiles to unlock the full power of these popular social media platforms.

Submitting Your First Post

If you’ve read all the editorial guidelines, you’re most likely ready to submit your first post. If you haven’t read them yet, please do so, as they are critically important to have posts successfully published on our platform.

Once you’re ready to submit your post, head to Business Quant dashboard, click on Posts -> Add New Post and the site’s word editor should open up. You may post your article in the word editor, select tags for companies that have been discussed in your article and then click on submit.

That’s it! Congratulations for submitting your first post.

Our team of editors will now take a closer look at your article. If the editors feel that your submission meets the editorial guidelines mentioned above, it will get published straight to the site. Otherwise, the editors might revert back to you with some suggestions to improve your post, so that you can re-submit the improvised post quickly.

Reaching Out For Help

Please feel free to reach out with your questions at: [email protected]

If we aren’t swamped with work, we will try to revert back within a few hours.